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The following are the benefits of a BitMiner Agent

  1. Agent gets a monthly payment of $2,000.00
  2. All expense paid trip for agent to travel for seminars hosted in his/her continent of residence.
  3. Agent gets a private office, fully furnished by BitMiner corporation in his/her continent of residence.
  4. Agent is entitled to promotion after 6months. This covers additional benefits like a sponsored vacation by the company and increase in monthly pay.
  5. Agent can organize workshops and seminars in their country to create awareness about BitMiner network. All expenses will be covered by the company.

Note: These benefits are only valid to registered BitMiner Intercontinental agents & staffs. However, non agents(investors & individuals) can be part of these by filling the agent application form below to be qualify.
A one time fee of $8,000.00 will be paid to complete your application.

To register as an agent, simply complete the application form.
For more information about BitMiner agents, contact us here

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